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AI powered Metahumans

We build custom AI avatars for retail and training

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We’re Changing the Way the World Communicates with Computers

Since the beginning of the Internet humans have been informed via flat and static websites like this. That has now changed. We are introducing a ChatGPT powered Metahuman. It listens via the microphone, it thinks via generative AI, it responds via text to speech and real-time lip-sync. The future is here.

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We Build Custom AI powered Metahumans for your needs


We can integrate any artificial intelligence platform to your Metahuman including OpenAI's GPT-4, Azure OpenAI and also open source locally hosted AI. Haven't got an AI? We can help you build one for your specific needs. We offer document ingestion services so your AI can answer questions based on your data. Let's come up with a solution together.  

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We work with you to design the Metahuman you want. Using the Metahuman Creator tools from Epic Games we can make a Metahuman look exactly the way you like. You can even scan your face with an iPhone and create your exact look alike. Want to design and build your own Metahuman. No problem. We can import your design and use that.


A life-sized hologram Metahuman is ideal for busy retail environments. These human-like holograms can be trained on all your company products, giving them a vast amount of knowledge and the ability to answer any question your customers may have. Also, these avatars can promote specials and upsell products in a consistent and effective manner. Arm your business with a holographic salesperson now!




Our online avatars work on most modern web browsers. This enables you and your customers to access it via mobile and computer. These avatars are built on the latest web game engine and are a low latency and cost effective solution accessible via most modern devices. Train your online avatars on the latest GPT-4 technology and distribute it easily to your whole network via a single webpage. Contact us now for a custom cloud-based solution. 

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