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Our first Metahuman


Sarah was the first Metahuman we built in August 2021. Since birth she has been used to move forward with our Smart Metahuman technology.  In September 2022 Sarah was given a brain in the form of GPT-3. Then in March 2023 she was enabled with ChatGPT. All this time she has happily been chatting away with all her human friends.


Pixel Streaming

Sarah lives on the Internet with the use of Pixel Streaming. This technology works the best if the Metahuman is hosted in the country you live in or a country near yourself. If you are a distance away from the server lag will happen and the user experience is diminished. This technology requires the fastest Internet speeds available. 5G is recommended.

Talking to Sarah

Sarah's servers are now password protected. Please fill out the request form below to access Sarah. She is looking forward to speaking with you.


Visit the education page to get access to our AI English teacher.


Request Access

Sarah is password protected. If you are interested in testing Sarah out and are genuinely interested in our solution for your business, please fill out the form to request access. Please state your country in the request message so we can supply access to the nearest server. We look forward to doing business with you.

Thanks for your request! Sarah will be in touch with login details.

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